Saturday, 23 July 2011

Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke

Directed by: Mahesh Bhatt
Starring: Aamir Khan, Juhi Chawla, Dalip Tahil, Sharokh Irani, Kunal Khemu, Baby Ashrafa
Released: 1993
Verdict: destroy every copy – horrible – bad – whatever – flawed but enjoyable - good – great – amazing

Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke made me genuinely happy. For many reasons. The main being the fact that Juhi Chawla actually had a role. In most of her mainstream films I´ve seen so far she was largely used as a decoration, excuse for a song or damsel in distress, be it in Darr, Duplicate or Bol Radha Bol. However here she got her due and she truly used every second to her advantage.

Young Rahul (AAMIR Khan. AAMIR. Not SHAHRUKH. Understand?) has just inherited a textile factory saddled with debt plus three kids from his tragically deceased sister. He tries his best to get on well with the children, but managing them and the factory proves to be rather difficult, especially since his workers are all women making eyes on him and dancing instead of working. Ad to it a hungry for shaadi rich daughter of a man you´re making a commission for and what do you have? A big load of trouble. Nobody seems to understand the man´s plight and the kids are getting more and more insufferable by day, drawing away all nannies with their pranks.
Run over by life........... and children.
After Rahul breaks his promise of taking the children to the fair and locking them in the house the three siblings – Vicky, Munni and Sunny – run away through a window and completely rupee-less make their way to the fair. While trying to steal some sweets, they bump into Vaijanti, a young girl, at the moment engaged in the same illegal action. Together they all manage to escape the policeman and upon hearing that Vaijanti has nowhere to go, the children practically smuggle her home, where she spends two days hiding before their strict uncle. But nothing lasts forever and after a rather eventful night Rahul finally finds out there are not three, but four people he needs to look after now. Especially since Vaijanti makes up a story about being a poor orphan, while in fact she has run away from home and a rather sleazy groom...
No better place to hide from the police then a center of a stage.
Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke breathes innocence from the beginning to the end (despite that horny girl chasing Aamir). Its magic doesn´t make differences between generations and I can easily imagine seniors, children or adult people watching it and having a good time. It has everything – fluff, fun, romance, action – but everything is still very much innocent and even the slight thrill before the ending is delightfully funny. Great surprise were the three children. It is one of the very rare films where I did not feel the need to strangle them for being artificial and annoying – because they were not. They all did a good job without being too giggly or too weepy.
Even Juhi was shocked at the non-annoyance of the kids.
Aamir Khan is also very good. Watching this film after Lagaan and 3 Idiots I was reminded of how much I loved this old Aamir, who used his instinct more then his head (as I like to lament in every review which concerns him). Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke has him in a rather difficult role of an uncle, who does his best to satisfy the children, but fails with his methods, which sometimes are not exactly right, and sometimes he has to face a selfish misunderstanding by the trio. Aamir made his character look real, and even in the moments, in which he is unlikeable to the children, he manages to convince you that he wants their best and is just utterly helpless from time to time.
Can we have them in a film again please?
However, as I have mentioned earlier, the film ultimately belongs to Juhi. Because she is the soul of all things. She is the active (!) reason of things happening. She is the fun. She is that innocence I loved. I´m sure other actresses would have done a good job too, but I seriously doubt any would bring it to Juhi´s level. Such was her natural charm and comic sense in this one, and she truly deserved that Filmfare she later received. Looking sweet and simply throug-out the film she makes you smile with her mere presence. This is definitely my favourite film and performance of hers, no matter how much more „meaningful“ stuff she was appreciated later in her career. Ad to it she´s acting opposite Aamir (my favourite of her pairings), and you are left with a feeling of bliss.
Not blissed out just yet.
Part of the movie´s appeal lies also in music. Every single track is beautiful and there is pretty much everything from fun songs to romantic and family ones. The following is my favourite, which really stuck in my head and I find myself humming it from time to time.


  1. I liked the film, too, even a lot - but 9 out of 10? I wouldn't rate it THAT high.
    I can so agree on the old Aamir. He is a genius and I love each and every thing he touches, but he was much more natural in his earlier films.

  2. I think it´s a classic. I wanted to rate it 8, but you know.... it is such a sweet film. Maybe i watched it at the right moment.

  3. Great film, crisp review!

    I remember watching it on the theater when I was in class 3. I could pretty well relate with the kids then. The youngest one is the most adorable! Kunal Khemu.
    As a child artist he's worked in quite a few films from Raja Hindustani (again with Amir Khan) to Zakhm (won an award in the child artist category)
    But today the kind of films he's featured in have only received a tepid response except prolly Kalyug.
    Hoping we'll see more and better of him!

    Aamir was great as usual. Juhi, I thought had great comic timings.

    The direction, the screenplay, the music was superb. I love Meri Mohabbat ka ishaar karta, the timings and its ambience. A perfect romantic number! "Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke breathes innocence from the beginning to the end (despite that horny girl chasing Aamir)" Totally agree.


  4. I found Your blog by Google. I just finished writing review of Hum Hain Rahi Pya Ke in my native language and was looking for some photos of Juhi. Shocked Juhi looks nice. :)

    And I see you are from Czech Republic. Well, I'm from Poland, we're neighbors. :)

    I have blog with screencaps, I write there not much, just paste photos.