Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Directed by: Anees Bazmi
Starring: Salman Khan, Asin, Paresh Rawal, Mahesh Manjrekar
Released: 2011
Verdict: destroy every copy – horrible – bad – whatever – flawed but enjoyable - good – great – amazing

I don´t think I even want to describe the basic story here. I was so terribly bored by it, did not one bit cared for it. Or anything in the film for that matter. But for the sake of my usual format of reviews, here comes:

Prem is a laadla and also a pain of his family consisting of parents, aunties and uncles. They believe the way for him to mend his mischievous ways is to get married, and once they find a suitable girl they invite her over. However because of some lying, running away and misunderstandings the real bride is left on the airport and leaves for her friend´s place while and impostor takes her place. Sanjana, posing as the chosen girl, quickly wins over the whole family – except Prem himself. Eventally the love grows between them while they are hanging above a chasm (literally). But Sanjana is a niece of two powerful goons Amar Chaudry and Sooraj Chaudry, who both want to marry her off to their brothera-in-law, because she inherited a big fortune from her mother. Amar and Sooraj are sworn enemies, both on the look out for Sanjana...
K. Asif is turning in his grave

Salman is riding on the success of Dabangg. That´s it. While in Dabangg he gave a solid performance, in Ready he doesn´t bother in the least to make some effort, and either sleep walks through the scenes completely uninterested, or is simply himself. The character of Prem doesn´t have anything from the edginess of Chulbul or sweetness of the Prem from HAHK, though it seemed to me Ready is supposed to be a blend of both with some massala-ish comedy thrown in. And though he looks great for his age, Salman just doesn´t look suitable for the roles of loverboys on this level.

Whatever humour there might be it is taken care of my Salman´s „family“, he himself did not make me even smile. See – if he was so apparently bored by the film, how should it entertain me? But I suffered through it nontheless, hoping there just might be something worth seeing. Not even the cameos by Sanjay Dutt, Kangana Ranaut, Ajay Devgn, Arbaaz Khan and Zarine Khan are exactly worth it, as they all appear in first ten minutes.
The girl who failed to impress
This was my first film with Asin, and I was quite curious about her, must say she didn´t make much of an impression. Her role was unforgivably limited to being artificially bitchy in the first part and completely disappearing in the second. But I guess you don´t refuse a film with Salman Khan. Even if he´s scaring spoilt kids running around a fun fair in a skeleton costume, NOT being funny.

Wasn´t impressed with music, no, not even Dhinka Chika and Character Dheela that kept shouting at me from all sides ever since the promotion of the film started.

Perhaps not worst, but definitely one of the weakest films of 2011 and without a single shade of doubt the most overrated hit of the year. Anees Bazmi is now officially my least favourite director. In the end he doesn´t fail to deliver at least one sexistic message. Prem´s "That´s the first time a woman said something wise" line woke up my feministic side with a roar.
This is how I felt for the most part of the film.


  1. I'm yet to see the film (it is one of my upcoming reviews though), but after your review, I'm not too looking forward to it.

    I must agree that he's riding on his success from Dabangg (which I didn't like much), so directors are playing it safe by having him do similar roles - expecting the same success will be garnered. I mean Ajay Devgan plays a Dabangg type role in Singham and it works (well Abhishek Bachchan said so on Twitter...).

    I don't know what happened to Salman Khan - somewhere in the midst of his career (probably overnight) he forgot how to act. He was rather good in 'Maine Pyaar Kiya'. I would rather see him in age appropriate roles, or an older role, akin to the one Akshay Kumar played in 'Action Replayy' (don't get me started on the extra 'y'...).

    There was too much fuss about 'Character Dheela', and I've also noticed an annoying female rapper on all the Bollywood remixes.

    Nice concise review (I guess there's not much else to say about a bad film - I mean I wrote a short review for Dabangg which isn't like me!). And I like the new green background!

  2. Could you remove me off your blogroll and add on - cheers!

  3. I already did.... But there is no change :(
    I´ll try again.

    Many people loved Ready, but for me it was trying to hard to be funny.
    Thank you!

  4. I have plans to watch this (I don't even know why) but I will make sure to have the fast forward button close by after your review :)

  5. Clearly I agree with you given the fact that we gave it the same rating! :)

    This movie was TERRIBLE. It gets me riled up just thinking about how successful it was.

  6. salman was as annoying as the film... he's no better btw in bodyguard... the film sucks... wonder how such trash passes as top grosser in bollywood...

    here's what i thought -

  7. Happy I didn't see the film - I'm not planning to do so. Btw: LOVE your new layout! <3

  8. i really like salman's dabangg and now ready as full enjoyed with all my friends.
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