Monday, 2 April 2012


Directed by: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Starring: Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai, Aditya Roy Kapoor
Released: 2010
Verdict: destroy every copy – horrible – bad – whatever – flawed but enjoyable - good – great – amazing

Do you remember that scene from Om Shanti Om where Shahrukh Khan is supposed to play a suffering deaf and blind lover with no functional limbs? And what his reaction is? „This film will be critically acclaimed, it will win awards..... but this film will flop!“ Of course we all remember that scene. But I suspect Sanjay Leela Bhansali never saw the film (that by the way beaten his own Saawariya hollow, releasing at the same day). Had he watched the movie and saw th scene, he probably wouldn´t have made Guzaarish – or perhaps would treat it bit differently. SLB is responsible for some of my most favourite movies. In fact right from Khamoshi to Saawariya I cannot rate them lower than 9/10, that´s how perfect they are to me. Guzaarish however, made me unwillingly put my bias toward the director aside and admit that what they say is true. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is a megalomaniac who boasts a lot and the more he is trying to create a perfect film the more annoying he gets. Guzaarish in the end feels wanna-be-ish and rather pretentious.
Strong Saawariya deja-vu....
Just like Black and Saawariya (and to an extent Devdas), Guzaarish too takes place in some unnamed reality, which seems familiar enough, but yet it is impossible to pinpoint it in space and time. That is, after all, SLB´s vision of making „timeless“ films. However while his previous films (filled with overwhelming gorgeousness) had feelings to live, strong messages to shout and intriguing characters to meet, Guzaarish lacks the magic. Perhaps because it never evolves beyond the idea introduced at the very beginning and doesn´t take the opportunity to speed up and sweep you off your feet in the whirlwind of emotions. It is definitely not the Bhansali I know. Maybe he also fails because for the first time ever he was not making an ode to love? Sure, love is present, but demands no attention.
"I lied! I want everybody´s attention!"

The films touches a rather sensitive matter of euthanasia, but (fortunately) does not state the ultimate opinion, neither is the point of view forced to the public. It doesn´t get preachy, or not too much. In the end it is a simple story of a man, who wants to leave life, that is slowly slipping away from him anyway.
"LOL let´s die today!"
What saves the movie are the performances. Hrithik as a disabled magician, who is in dreams still haunted by the adoring applause of the audience, was amazing. His facial expressions were spot on and there are very few actors, who could have done better, maybe not even the same. From deeply desperate to maniac-like joy, he gives his all to the character. The show-stealer in a beautifully subtle role is, however, his devoted nurse aka THE Aishwarya Rai I love and always dreamed of getting her back after the disasters of Raavan and Action Replayy (sadly it only confirms the theory about her needing Bhansali or Mani Ratnan to bring out the best in her). Their interaction is interesting to watch, although the unending verbal sexual innuendos in between them seem cheap and Aish´s moaning scene pure awkward. It almost ruined the film for me at the very beginning. Yes, after watching it whole you understand why Ethan talks like that and why she responds, but it simply comes a a complete shocker and not everybody will be as understanding and willing to understand as I am. 
She was amazing... but even if she was crap you´d forgive her because... look at her face!
All the supporting cast was very good too, although Aditya Roy Kapoor seems destined to be the new age comic side-kick. A new generation Johnny Lever in a way. What irritated me BIG TIME was the constant slipping into English by all the characters, beyond the limit of tolerable. Too much of it. Music is beautiful, but it does not live up to standarts of Devdas, HDDCS or Saawariya soundtrack´s quality (and again – English songs in Hindi films are just not done).

In the end I was quite confused. By Ethan, who preaches about living life to the fullest, but wanting to die. By Sophia, who doesn´t want to let him go, but is the one to kill him with his consent. By depressingly beautiful visuals, that actually creeped me out instead of bringing the sense of enjoyment. Something was simply missing. Guzaarish is not a bad film by any means, however coming from Sanjay Leela Bhansali it is a huge disappointment and his weakest work as yet.
"True story!"


  1. Nice review. This was by far SLB's weakest film. Didn't feel for any of the characters.

    I would give it a shockingly low 5/10.

    1. Completely agree. as for the rating, well, I really appreciated the performances.

  2. And yet you loved that piece of trash called Saawariya? Man your taste sucks

    1. I don´t get the logic of people like you. Is liking a film dependant on disliking other film? I guess I would have more respect for your opinion if you had more respect for mine.

    2. Sorry but I don't think I can 'respect' anyone who likes the shitty garbage called Saawariya which is arguably not only the weakest film of SLB but also the worst film of all time. And all the revered critics who trashed the 'blue' film agree with me, no wonder it was such a critical and commercial disaster.

      Guzaarish on the other hand was a beautiful artistic film, box office results notwithstanding. And now after bashing a revered classic like Pakeezah, you showed your taste is even more questionable.

      But whatever, you just carry on with your crappy taste in films.

    3. Either you respect that somebody has a different view or you don´t. There are no valid excuses. You, me, and all the critics are just people with different preferences. Just because my preferences do not match your doesn´t mean they are less valid. Film, music, art cannot be ever objectively measured. I can assure you other people love Saawariya, don´t like Guzaarish and thought Pakeezah boring. Unlike you however I do not feel the need to insult somebody just because they don´t agree with me. All this doesn´t show anything about me or the films in question, but only about you not being mature enough to accept there is nothing undisputable when it comes to art, and thre will always be people who see it differently.

    4. Only morons with crappy taste like you will love trashy films like Saawariya and Raja, and then lambast good cinema.

      But hey, you are a Madhuri Dickshit fan after all(the queen of bad films and the epitome of vulgarity). So no wonder your choice sucks big time.

    5. Do you even realize how immature your comments are? Instead of trying to actually discuss something you only use insults. Shows how insecure you are. But thank you for making me laugh!

  3. And do you realize you give off STRONG lesbian undertones when you talk about Madhuri?

    You remind me of Charlize Theron in Monster.

    1. Do I? Well, is there anything wrong in being a lesbian? I´m not, but well, I do not feel offended if you think so. Shows only how low and derogatory your thinking is. I just admire another woman for her art and skills. Yes, in a way I love her. But why is her name appearing under a review of film she has nothing in common? You are just annoyed and trying to annoy me by attacking things I like. Well, you should try some other blogger. So far you only amused me with your immaturity.

  4. for me Guzaarish movie is very wonderful movie. The story is good, the way the director write the story is easy to understand and all the movie is best moment for me. I don't said that suicide is right but this movie open another point of view.I remember the movie when Ethan told the Attorney to go inside coffin for 60 seconds and he can't do that.. and he said you can't live even for 60 second what Ethan has living for 14yrs.
    So, I thik your opinion with the movie totally wrong and I can't agree with u :-) btw, I am from Indonesia