Thursday, 31 March 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I cannot tell how surprised and excited I was when Lime(tte) passed this award to me among several other blogs. I have only been blogging here for a month or so, which makes it even more special! What else can I say then thank you?

There is a duty though, coming hand in hadn with this award. To cite Lime(tte): The receiver must name 7 facts about him-/herself, and then pass it of to seven bloggers, that he/she admires... As a fairly new person to the whole blogger community, I could not find 7 blogs, but hopefully those I chose will be smashing enough!

The 7 facts about me:

1.)  I am the founder of the only Bollywood discussion forum in the Czech republic. It is called "Bollywood - a somehow different world". Sadly, there are not many people interested or even remotely familiar with Indian cinema, but thankfully those blessed few have found or are finding their way to my forum. I only hope more and more people will be hooked, like it happened in Germany!

The current banner of my forum. I change the banner every month.

2.) I am a history buff. My favourite era has to be the 19th and early 20th century of Imperial Russia, especially the tragic family of the last Tsar Nicholas II. There is everything in their story from unending love and devotion, self-sacrifice, incurable illness, raging hate, shameless plotting...... It is simply a story no writer could ever make up! One part of my fandom for this family comes also from their photos - there are thousands and thousands pictures of those beautiful, serene people and one almost feels like travelling through time looking into those faces, that have been lost in the storms of time.... And guess what - I learned to colour those black and white images in Photoshop, as you can see below!
The last Imperial family of Russia in 1904.

3.) The best book I have ever read has to be "The Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. tolkien, closely followed by his "Silmarillion" and others of his works. I also love the whole "Chronicles of Narnia". Then there are historical novels by amazing czech lady Ludmila Vankova, with whom I even corresponded for some time. See, I wanted (and still have hopes) to become a writer myself, and she inspired and encouraged me greatly. The problem with my writing is that I have many ideas, but once I start I find it difficult to finish, because in the middle it seems to me all I have written so far is trash.....

4.) I used to hate several people in Bollywood. First I was not crazy about Rani Mukherjee. Simply from the reason she looked somehow mean in the images I saw and her eyes seemed weird. Today she is among my absolute favourites and the longer I watch her the more beautiful she seems to me. She is such a wonderful, energetic woman with great acting skills and killer charisma, no wonder she won me over! Another one I couldn´t stand at first was Salman Khan. I still don´t consider him a great actor, but he actually started to amuse and entertain me. Dabangg sealed my affection for him. And lastly - I used to hate Kajol. Not her fault at all. Just when I fell in love with Madhuri Dixit and started discovering Bollywood, I had a nasty interaction with some fanatical Kajol worshippers, and they REALLY spoiled her for me when they started attacking the ones I loved. As a person, who cannot shut up about her loved ones either, I wouldn´t mind them going on about her - cause well, I understand! But badmouthing other star just so your favourite might look better after that is unforgivable! My Kajol dislike is finally gone now, but it took about eight months. Glad it´s over.

Rani ........ re-coloured by me! :)

5.) Two years ago I became a PROUD aunt to my little nephew Petr. He is the first child of my elder brother and I love him dearly. Since he was a baby, he would want to watch Bollywood songs with me, as he like the colours and all that. His favourite one is Dola Re Dola (the kid has a taste!!!) Once he surprised me. When he heard the song playing, he started to make adorable though bit uncertain swirls with one of his hands behind his neck!

6.) I enjoy almost all kinds of music, but mostly I groove to bollywood songs - and to some good rock! In my humble, but firm oppinion, the best male voice that I have ever heard belonged to the late Freddie Mercury. He is somebody whom I love no matter what. And his music is pure genious. Just listen to this - it is so beautiful, so sad and yet so regal, if you understand what I mean!
7.) There are three countries that I love and would love to see, feel and live - simply get to know them well one day!!! First one is England. I fell in love with it when I traveled there with my school for several days. We lived in Oxford and made daily trips to places like Warwick, Avebury, Strattford upon Avon etc. How can I describe the peace that filed my sould roaming around that beautiful countryside? And also in London I felt a great sense of belonging, in spite of being a stranger. Second country that fascinates me immenselly is Russia - mainly for it´s grand history. Because whatever happens in Russia, be it in your oppinion good or bad, it has always been on a great scale! I would so love to set my foot to Petersburg, see with my own eyes the former Tsarskoye Selo, visit the beautiful Livadia....... And the third country is of course India! In my mind a country so different, so colourful and so unendingly providing one with new discoveries and new adventures. I wonder if I will ever be so lucky to go there. But I would really love to!

But enough about me already! Here are the blogs I love/like/admire and which I believe deserve the award!

In no particular order:
Bollywood Passion
Get on the carousel
Irish beauty
The Bolly ´Hood
Tollywood is my Bollywood

There are not seven blogs because of the reasons I have already mentioned, and also because some I would have given the award to have already been meantioned by Lime(tte).


  1. Nooooooooo... T____T


    A really big THANK YOU for including me. That is very very nice. And I feel very flattered. And of course, I loved reading about you. (even though I knew most of the facts - I know you very well after 3/4 years. :D)

  2. LOL :) What is that noooooo about?

    I am a very boring person so what do you expect :)

  3. You're not boring, I have known you for a long time now. That's a BIG difference.

    And that "no" was about that I have nothing to say about me.

  4. :) I´m sure you can come up with something!!! You have such an interesting personality and life!

  5. WOW. Really??? I FEEL SO HONORED!!! Thank you so much :) This really gives me motivation to keep on blogging! But now you've given me the nearly impossible task of coming up with 7 interesting things about me! Hahaha

    Also, I must say that I resonate SO MUCH with number 4! I was never a big Rani fan until fairly recently. Same with Kajol! And Salman!

    And I can totally see what you mean about other fans ruining Kajol for you. It's always been hard for me to like Hrithik Roshan just because he used to be in such fierce "competition" with my beloved Shahrukh Khan. Oh, Bollywood politics!

  6. Really!! :) And I´m sure you can find those 7 points! Cannot wait to read those!

  7. So great you have your own forum - and btw I didn't even know you were from the Czech Rep. That kind of makes us neighbors. The big BW hype is over now in Germany, but leaving a big community of fans and even three magazines (I'm only reading one, the best). Oh, and German DVD releases.

    I thought the same about Salman and Kajol at the beginning :). Also, sometimes I feel the same about writing. But not always.

  8. So does this mean I do the same thing as well? hmmm LOL