Sunday, 15 May 2011

How I wasn´t happy when Madhuri Dixit signed a new film

I have waited for a year. Quite a short time when compared to other fans, who had to wait for four. And between Devdas and Aaja Nachle there was even a greater gap. But it still felt terribly long and I´m sure all the fans understand why. To see Madhuri Dixit in at least one more film has been my great desire ever since I´ve become addicted to Bollywood. I was imagining myself jumping around the room, screaming with joy when she finally announces a new film. Yesterday her new film was announced. And I..... am not happy.

I feel rather disoriented to be honest. The burning desire to see her perform and sizzle hasn´t died out, but I would rather keep my wishes and dreams, then to see a film that would not be good enough. And since Aaja Nachle had so undeservingly only a little success, as a fan I was hoping for something smashingly successful. And the film announced does not fill me with any hope whatsoever.
Sanjay Dutt has obviously roped her into his remake of Satte Pe Satta, which originally starred Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini. There are no doubts that she will be amazing, but I honestly was hoping for something like Bhansali´s Mastani, or something new, original, mature, worthy of her immense talent. I guess I would be happy, if it was certain that Madhuri will sign other projects for upcoming years as well. But that is that one problem with being Madhuri´s fan – you never know when she will appear and there is absolutely no telling how long will the gap in between her projects be. Sure, the best thing to happen would be an adult drama/romance/masala with Shahrukh for me, but there are others amazing ideas – and mainly co-stars who I´d like to see her with. Leave alone Aamir and Salman, there is Saif Ali Khan, who I believe would be a terrific match for her, and there is Akshaye Khanna, especially since he and Madhuri looked so awesome together in Aaja Nachle and we never got to see any real „relationship“ happening in the film. Or if you really want to bring her back with an older actor, there is always Anil Kapoor and there is Jackie Shroff. To be honest out of all the co-stars I think Sanju Baba hasn´t aged well, and I never saw him more then just a good actor (meaning not great – and I beg forgiveness from all his fans).
Back then they looked good together. But times have changed and I have my apprehensions.
One also longs for that one role that will be to Madhuri what „Mother India“ was to Nargis and „Mughal-E-Azam“ to Madhubala, what „Umrao Jaan“ was to Rekha. The closest thing to something like that was Chandramukhi in Devdas, but there is still that little fact she was considered a supporting character.

Also Satte Pe Satta has many supporting characters. So did Aaja Nachle, but there all the supporting cast was just amazing, and I pray this will be the same case. But there are more things I dread. I personally have not yet seen Sohal Shah´s previous work (he is the director), but what I heard filled me with horror! That is my biggest concern. Sometimes I wish Madhuri actually did care whom she´s working with.....

Well, all I can say now is that it is rather hard for me to make peace with this news. I´ll try to block out everything else and concentrate only on the fact that Madhuri is doing a film. And I will pray it turns out good. And that it won´t bomb at the box office. Because I can see happening just that.....

And that is why I was not happy when Madhuri Dixit signed her new film.
17.5. 2011 - UPDATE:

After the first shock washed over (mainly over the choice of a hero and director) and after I saw the original Satte Pe Satta, I am slowly regaining my optimism. All I to say now:

Madhuri - best of luck, we know you´ll be amazing!

Sanjay - best of luck, get into shape!

Sohal Shah - if you screw up, I´m gonna kill you!

everybody else - go and see this in a theater when it comes out!


  1. Aaw! I'm not familiar with Satte Pe Satta but I'll take your word for it when you say that it's not the best choice for Madhuri. But whatever the movie, I'm sure Madhuri will fulfill the role beyond expectations! One can only hope for the best :)

    Also, her and Saif really would make a great pair! And I would love love love to see her with my dear SRK again.

  2. I have not seen Satte Pe Satta and people say it´s a good film. But why a remake? And most importantly why Shah and Dutt?

    She WILL be amazing cause she cannot be anything else. But it will be disappointing if the film will flop PLUS will be bad overally.

  3. Hi Gaja Gamini,

    I totally agree with you. This doesn't seems a good pairing and a good upcoming film. Madz should think of some good roles and directors to work with like Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

    Also Aja Nachle wasn't so good; Madhuri should definitely do some good art and traditional indian movies like Devdas and Mrityudand etc because for me, Madz is somewhat very special and a high quality actress who has no replica..She should think of her huge fanbase [sorry to say, I myself is a very bigg fan of her] and do some really awesome roles as she did in past.

  4. I doubt the film will be all that great but it's just a fact that there's not a lot of roles for the older woman out there. I'll be happy to just see Madhuri on screen again!

  5. Well, I know there are hundresds of stories women Madhuri´s age can do. But Bollywood filmmakers do not have any imagination and they are not willing to risk by doing something different.

  6. Well I think Satte Pe Satta is a very decent role considering her age and current status. Imagine her doing roles that require cheap facial expressions and provocative body movements like most of the current bollywood actresses do! She will bring shame to her family so it's good that she chose a decent role that suit her age.

    1. She is not doing the film after all, so it´s kinda pointless talking about it in connection to her. In any case I summed up why I wasn´t happy in the article above.