Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Madhuri's forgotten dances

There are so many.... I have not even seen them all.... Usually from the films that did not do well. And together with them they passed into oblivion. Undeservingly. Because they were splendid. Not all of them. Some had trashy music. Some had trashy choreography. She was still as graceful and delightful as ever in all of them. The forgotten dances of Madhuri´s are sometimes actually even more astounding then the ones so much celebrated. Some of those are featured in this very article. And again, going by the timeline, I have to feature this beautiful dance, which has only recently made it´s way to me. Because it is technically not Bollywood. Yes – young, pre-Tezaab Madhuri obviously did what might be called and item number in a gujarati film Satyavadi Raja Harishchandra. What was it about? I have no idea. What was the point of the song? Do not ask me. All I can say is – enjoy, because it is not everyday you find a new Madhuri dance number!

Both Ladoo Yeh Ladoo (sung by Asha Bhosle) and Pehli Pehli Baar Aisa Thanedaar AAya (sung by Alka Yagnik and Amit Kumar) were featured in a film Thanedaar, and are, just like the revered Mera Piya Ghar Aaya, great examples of how much Madhuri actually enjoys dancing. Both stayed in the shadow of Tamma Tamma, that was completely different and very modern, while these two were classic Bollywood dances. Still they are a treat to watch! In the second song Madhuri is joined in by Kunika, which is brave, but at the same time it really shows the difference between a born dancer and a person, who is simply trying to dance.

Saajan (1992) was one of the most successful films of the 90s, and its music was very much appreciated. For some reason however it is hardly talked about today. Maybe some find it outdated, but that would be the case of practically every film from the period. Saajan songs were overally slow-ish duets, but that was not the case of oh-so-beautifully named Tu Shayar Hai, which presented Madhuri in one of the most beautiful ways. The dance was rather modern, not so much the setting, which actually reminds me more of the deep 80s then year 1992. the background dancers are actually quite funny to watch in their little skirts and horrendous outfits, and some of them are actually pretty chubby and I don´t think they would have a chance to do films today. But in the end even this dance is about Madhuri and Madhuri only. And Madhuri with the cutest expressions shines, whether in the orange, blue or her most essential white.

Sangeet was a flop. Pity, because the story was sweet, performances beautiful and music lovely. It is actually one of Madhuri´s personal favourites. When people remember Sangeet, they usually remember „Mein Tumhari Hoon“ dance, which was outrageously sexy, but sadly its original intention was to point out how wrong it actually is to sell the sight of a rather uncovered girl dancing (though Madhuri´s outfit looks like a complete dull burkha compared to the normal „clothes“ seen in Bollywood dances these days). The song I loved the most in Sangeet was Saat Suron Ke Taar Ban Gaye, and that is also the one I´m presenting to you today. Although I must admit I do not like Madhuri´s light contact lenses. Her eyes are most beautiful when left alone!

Just like Tamma Tamma ate all the attention in Thanedaar, hardly anyone could really think much beydon Choli Ke Peeche in Khalnayak. Pity. Because there were two more amazing, visually beautiful dances. Especially Aaja Sajan Aaja is just splendidly shot. It was also practically a goodbye from Madhuri in the film, because nearly immediately after this song she disappeared from the movie, letting the last 30 minutes to become a real bore, though it was packed with action. She was the soul of Khalnayak, and without her there was no life. For me the film pretty much ends with this song.

Incredibly catchy melody! Song Namaste Namaste is plain fun! And also an unashamed advertising of Emami cosmetics. That somehow turned me off at the very beginning, because I HATE advertisements, and this one did not even try to be hidden. Thankfully the moment Madhuri starts dancing rest of the world and everything around looses importance really. True, the last outfit she was made to wear is rather funny, but so is Salman Khan throughout the whole song. From a sweet, but unsuccessful film Dil Tera Aashiq, here comes a sweet song

There is something very much special about this song. Well, not so much about the song as the dance itself. It is something that doesn´t strike you immediately, but in the end you do realize..... that this whole song has been shot in ONE continuous, uninterrupted take! I don´t recall seeing anything like that in any other film as yet, and it only makes me go more wow. Because everything is just so perfect – the timing, every step, every movement of the saree in the wind.... Barson Ke Baad from Anjaam (1994) does reminds me a bit of Dhak Dhak, though the story could not have been more different. But here she is, beautiful, enticing, sensual.....

One has to love this song. Even if only for the fact Madhuri is drunk in it (not really of course). And she can still give anyone a run for their money. Yaraana overally had a fine music and good dancing, some of the dances were rather comical, then there was the running over the Swiss meadows we all are familiar with, and then of course there was Mera Piya Ghar Aaya (for reasons I´ll never get cut out from many DVDs). Jaane Woh Kaisa Chor Tha has also an awesome single take moment. Just watch out as the light goes out and Madhuri´s anger and desperation takes form of the dance.

One of my ABSOLUTE favourites EVER. One of the most beautiful Madhuri dances ever. The one I watch every week at least three times. Why? Because it is just SO BEAUTIFUL. I don´t really have words for this one...... I love it dearly. Then again I love that film too, but sadly Prem Granth (1996) flopped badly and undeservingly. My review of this one is going to be long, when it comes. Jungle Mein Sher was a true highlight, but I cannot help but also mention Dil Lene Ki Ruth Aayi, which for me has that fascinating something, that cannot be defined. Not even the presence of Rishi Kapoor could ruin it for me. After all, everything I was able to watch was Madhuri....

Another film that flopped, and this one time very much deservingly so, because it was just bad, was Rajkumar (1995) in which the usually over-hairy Anil Kapoor becomes a Robin Hood in some far away country full of sarees and Egyptian columns. The only saving grace, and only reason why you just might to watch this, is (of course) gorgeous La Dixit in an ungrateful and anything but meaty role of a Princess. She was used merely as a love interest and her presence was the best excuse for some dancing. But my – what dancing that was!

Sanson Ki Mala Pe from Koyla always makes me stop breathing. Such is the power of the dance, such is the feeling of it, that I literally stop breathing while I watch it. The intensity of pain, of desperation is screaming from every gesture and expression. And it gets more and more intense by a second. Until finally she has tears in her eyes.... and to be honest very often so do I. Koyla (1997) is my guilty pleasure. One of those so bad it´s actually good movies. And this song ads a lot the good part. Throw in a passionately drumming Shahrukh Khan.... and you have picture perfect.

After all that pain and emotions, lets move on to something easy on the heart. I would rate the following dance as „cute“, because it really isn´t anything groundbreaking. And quite frankly it suffers from some awful props and silly dressed background dancers. And I´m not fond of Madhuri´s first outfit either. But obviously, though it didn´t do well in India, Mohabbat (1997) did very well overseas, especially in Britain. Chori Chori is really not among Madhuri´s best dances. But it is still highly enjoyable.

And something different yet again. We´ve already talked about the famous Que Sera Sera in another article, and even QSS did overshadow another dance number from the same film. Because Pukar (2000) featured also a very sexy and very much modernly polished Hai Jaana. Time for our sweet Madhuri to turn a bit bitchy, and very, very much sensual. My absolute favourite part is the beginning. I´m sure you´ll see why.

As much as it pains me, I cannot possibly mention all the dances I´d like to. So let me finish this journey with one more dance. A rather short one. From a movie, that did not make sense to many. Gaja Gamini was a pure art, and a celebration of a woman. And Madhuri, in the following two minutes, will show you what it is means to live music, to feel it – and yes, make love to it.

Anyone feels like dancing?


  1. I do! I DO!! (but I always do. -_- )

    Great, great post! I can never understand why some of them has been so forgotten. Most were still as amazing, even more, than the known ones.

  2. Great Posts

    I am so happy you have highlighted the underrated numbers. They are still very good. You can just see the hard work and effort Madhuri has put into them, and the whole unit of each of the songs.

    Personaly I also feel that "Main Kolhapur se aaye hoon" from Anjaam was very good. Its like a lavni dance and song. Also there is "Bekhabar bewafa" from Ram Lakhan.

    Its also great to read your posts because your information is correct. Unlike some of the media articles, where they have got something or the other wrong lol.

  3. Gr8 post. 'Tu Shayar Hain' is definitely one of her best dance numbers and was also a very popular one during the 90's. Don't know why people don't refer to it that much these days. Just a single finger movement from the song is so iconic. The movie 'Saajan' itself is a very popular one.
    Another dance number which I like a lot is 'Palki mein hoke sawar chali re' from Khalnayak.
    'Jaane woh kaisa chor' from Yaarana is another brilliant dance number.

  4. Well, there are so many others I cwanted to feature... not only the two you mentioned, but the I love you song, the song from Wajood, Meri Payal from Gaja Gamini etc. etc..... But the post would be too long :(

    And thank you! I´m trying!

  5. Yeah and there is Dum Dama Dum and the Jugal-bandi with Aamir. That was a great dance number!

    Coming back to Tu Shayar Hain, I remember when the film came out, we all would copy the two finger movement she does in the song, during the first part. Oh those were the days lol. But Madhuri did it so perfectly!!

  6. hey, i love all her songs... but did u forget about badii mushkil??? :D i love how she dances to that song!

  7. No, I did not forget about it - I included it in a different article - published just before this one :)

  8. oh okk :D sorry... i didn't see it. but thanks :*

  9. Dear Gajagamini,

    Please do write a review of Prem Granth. I will be delighted to read it.

    I am a big fan of Madhuri Dixit. And I am also sane enough to acknowledge that she did some great, some indifferent and some really stupid films in her career before motherhood. It is nice to see someone like you so totally charmed by this talented lady. Also, I'd like you to know that more than a third of my knowledge about Madhuri Dixit comes from your blog.Keep up the good work!