Friday, 13 May 2011

Madhuri loved and hated

Hated.... OH SO HATED!!!

Není na světě člověk ten, aby se zalíbil lidem všem – that is an old Czech proverb meaning „There is not one person in the world, whom everybody would love“, but in English it doesn´t sound as half as nice. And being a popular celebrity goes hand in hand with being hated, bashed, hated, insulted and hated. The more fans there are, the more haters lurk in the dark corners of the internet, ready to strike with their venomous posts, bravely and cleverly hidden under the label of „Anonymous“ most of the time. As a former hater myself (hello Kajol, whom I like now) I know only too well that the only and real reasons for hating an actor are just two: somebody spoke about him/her too much for your liking or draw comparisms very much unflattering to the actor you love (my case), or you are just a jealous looser that the other celebrity has more or equal success/fans/film offers etc...... That you don´t like somebody´s acting doesn´t make you a hater. (Here I should say I don´t HATE Sonam Kapoor, I just think she´s pathetic actress and I don´t give her much thought beyond the span of a film), and your tastes have all the right to differ.

But there are still plenty of them, haters who spend their lives hating on somebody they never met, drawing conclusions from short gossip article titles and they are capable of finding the most unflattering photos. They can be recognized by USING CAPSLOCK, usually have poor spelling and grammar, haunt youtube and infest Pinkvilla. And some of them hate Madhuri. Oh how much they hate her. Just recently I found a facebook group that says it all: WE HATE MADHURI (JUHI IS THE BEST). Obviously there are only six members and the group was so „popular“ it´s going to be archived soon.....

Some absolutely know her through and through – plus they are daily guests in her household!

she comes across as being warm only because of her smile, she knows she has a nice smile and she uses it. i detected that coldness/aloofness in her during the KJO interview as well - when Rani was gushing over her and sucking up to her, i was so surprised to see NO humility from madhuri, she just sat there all icy and uppity acting all diva about it.“ - Anonymous, Pinkvilla

She tries to act to perfect and gives a picture of too perfect a family like getting up at 6 and then cooking for her kids...Pls...I hardly know any well to do housewife doing household themselves and getting up so early.They can always find a help for all that. Actually she always sounds fake to me.... Who is she fooling?“ - Anonymous, Pinkvilla

I am sure she never a cooked a grain of rice in her life even for her kids since she seems to be so desperately trying to be in Bollywood to resurrect something that remotely resembles a career!“ - Anonymous, Pinkvilla

Geez is M.D that desperate for $$$$?. She and Nene are loaded seriously.. Go back to your kids woman..“ - Anonymous, Pinkvilla

Some probably watch only 50s Bollywood, because they are not in the least bothered by the half-naked actresses these days and for them: „vulgar= Madhuri+saroj khan“ - Anonymous, South Spy

Madhuri was the epitome of vulgarity is 90s. Who can forget Aaj phir tumse from Dayavaan, Dhak Dhak ( one of the most vulgar dances), the love making scene from Parinda, the scene from Beta before Saiyan ji se chupke and the dance itself..and she continued with such cheap stuff until her Aunty age. Padmashree Madhuri Dixit. Aishwarya has been the most graceful and decent of the actresses of late 90s and 2000.“ - Anonymous, Pinkvilla

Pray remind me how when she was just another overhyped BW actress with less talent but struck gold with her cheap jhatkas and thumkas? At least Aishwarya went global and now enjoys the fame & success which Madhuri herself failed to do in her heydays. Even in Devdas,Ash stole her thunder. Poor Madhuri was not even invited to Cannes or other film festivals! tsk tsk tsk“ - evildancingdiva, Pinkvilla

Madhuri is CHEAP and VULGAR.“ - Anonymous, Pinkvilla

Madhuri si Pamela Andersson of Bollywood!“ - chof0391, youtube

Some just believe she has no acting skills whatsoever...
I think Madhuri is not an actress in the first place. on screen or off screen she is the same how much can someone be more pathetic???“ - halimali, youtube (by the way this person always claims to like her at first, but then somehow forgets it or something....)

Did Madhuri Dixit Deserve her best actress awards? No she cannot act!!!“ - Rosey, Filmifanatics

she was like the Katrina Kaif of 90s - a below average actress who only lucked out because of her dancing prowess and starring in an array of hit films but otherwise, she is highly OVERRATED. now coming back to the awards, another BIG FAT NO!! her roles in those films were nothing spectacular and she simply won because of the usual rigged politics.“ - marianne, Filmifanatics

Some are downright disgusting (read only if you´re strong enough):
HA HA HA...i smell something know what is meant my MD cutting weight? Cutting her red yellow black multicolor 3 dimesional PIMPLES, ACNES, SCARS, HOLES full of PUS all over her DIRTY FACE. And What about Sanjay Jee and Shubhash Jee hee heee heee..anybody before countering me,..look at who starts it everytime“ - nabutinghau, youtube

And some don´t waste their time with explaining, but do bother clicking on topics and articles containing her name:

I hate Madhuri!“ - AviationGuy, SantaBanta forums
I have had enough of aunty Madhuri!!! Give us a long break Pleaseee.“ - Anonymous, Pinkvilla

She sucks.“ - Anonymous, Pinkvilla

Get lost from INDIA.“ - Anonymous, Pinkvilla

So what did we learn (apart from the fact that if you want to hate on someone it´s best to be Anonymous on Pinkvilla)? That Madhuri is bad actress, bad dancer, ugly, manipulative, vulgar..... I really wonder why do I love her?

Loved... OH SO LOVED!

For every hurtful comment, for every spiteful attack, there are hundreds and hundreds expressions of love and appreciation. Every single of those hateful comments received overload of responses by Madhuri´s supporters. Yes, some of those responses were ugly (and as soon as they defame other actresses, I don´t consider them worthy of praising Mads) and I don´t agree with their way of leading an argument. But some are beautifully put, beautifully expressed, and so very much from the heart....

She seems to have gotten all the dance genes of the world. unbelievable. It looks like it's part of her - such smooth motion.“ - 297megha, youtube

No words, the talent is in her blood,each movement she performs seems to be divine.“ - skvrind74, youtube

There are so many who are dying to watch her even if she gets old. Beacause she is one and only one. No one was and no one can ever be like her.“ - gemphu1234

Madhuri Dixit is the epitome of Indian female beauty. I have always admired and loved her divine beauty and grace and she looks like a Hindu goddess in human form :)“ - Enigma1990ad, youtube

Madhuri is Bollywood to many. Many many people still hold Bollywood and Madhuri to be one . Because she is a struggler to success story !!! We saw some non-makeup photos in the personal collection of our Mumbai producer friends' photo album of her on the sets taken when she was not 'posing' --- Madhuri looked very very beautiful.. (no pancake.. her beauty shining out and out. she's actually somewhat beautifully dusky.. see Parinda...). she was not smiling, just regally sitting.. thinking... and that was the most beautiful photo of her.. with no makeup... no famed smile. The thing that's striking about her is her facial angles and that grace. People say she often just 'zones out' in the sets to think about her role.. and then lights up on screen.“ - Anonymous, Pinkvilla

And GOD said, Let their be MADHURI DIXIT!!! and we have all been in AWE ever since!!! what a woman! what a diva and what a LEGEND!!!This is Talent and Beauty at it's BEST!!“ - NoRegretsNot1, youtube

I need Madhuri in a movie so badly...... her acting is always like a fresh air in a suffocating space.....“ - Coconutty, Pinkvilla

And what the heck.... I like posting quotes about Madhuri by those who actually know her:
"Madhuri is a wonderful person, very warm and friendly. I´m very friendly with her as a director and as a person. We vibe very well as a director and an actress.She understands me... Madhuri is the nicest person I´ve worked with. Even though she´s a major star, she will never let you feel she´s Madhuri Dixit. If she´s where she is today, it is because of her performances, her professionalism and her nature. She mingles around with one and all. She doesn´t see who´s big or small. There are people who are not as half as big as she is, actresses, who are not Madhuri Dixits, even character artistes, who throw tantrums, but never Madhuri.... It can be possible for any man to be attracted to Madhuri any time. She´s a wonderful woman to be attracted to...." - Rajeev Kapoor

"When it comes to comparison, I always compare every actress with Madhuri and as a  result every actress disappoints." - Salman Khan

"Madhuri Dixit is such a devoted actress and dancer that hardly anyone in India has come to her level." - Mithun Chakraborty

"Madhuri has become my weakness. There are very few actors, who can surprise me, but she was so brilliant even I was mesmerized." - Raj Kumar Santoshi

(for more go here: )

Most of my own sentiments have been already expressed in my previous article Madhuri Dixit – When name weaves magic and also my dear friend Siham had her own to say in Why do I love Madhuri Dixit.

And one message for all the haters out there: You do realize Madhuri doesn´t give a damn about your hatred, don´t you? Wouldn´t it be better to go and waste your life in some other way?


  1. You know, I'm always laughing seeing the hate comments on Madhuri, because most of the time they are not constructive, and I smile because I know there are many many many many more people who LOVE her. So few haters here and there is not gonna change anything.

    Amazing post!

    Btw - thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting a link to my own article. O___O It makes me feel so glad.

  2. Today I´m laughing also, but at fist it used to bother me a lot. Then I realized these people are not worth the pain at all!


  3. Agree with Siham, haters never back up their argument. And all the love for MDji drowns out the negativity.

    I LOoOoOoOoOove Madhuri Dixit Ji! Nobody compares! When I watch her on screen I am mesmerized, so much so that I completely forget about everything around me. Until a scene shows other actors and I realize I have been holding a a forkful of noodles a couple inches from my face for 5 minutes! ...Sangeet (1992)

  4. With Blogger going crazy the past few days, I never got a chance to comment on this. But I think this is my favorite Madhuri article of yours this week! It's SO true--haters will be haters. I can't say I'm not guilty of this (against other stars) in my more naive days, but I now think it's dumb that people choose "camps" when it comes to actors. Can't we like both Juhi and Madhuri? Both SRK and Salman? etc. etc.

    I get really annoyed when I see hate against Shahrukh, but I'm trying to learn to just ignore it. It's definitely hard though!

  5. Exactly! What exactly is the problem, hat people cannot enjoy SRK/Salman/Aamir equally? Why should I hate on Sridevi just because I´m Madhuri fan in the first place? Why should I mind that SRK prefers Juhi in prsonal life and because of that throw stones at Kajol?

    I too went through a hater phase, but mercifully it was short and one sees how stupid I was now.

  6. Dear Gaja Gamini,

    Let me tell you that there would be very few haters of Madz and the lies they have said about Madz is just the filth and dirt that resides in their own minds and not in Madz.....For me, she is the angel of God. There is nothing bad in her, she can never ever be vulgar, Calling her names infact can never ever affect her day by day increasing popularity....

    She is the blessing of God and the most beautiful woman [both external and internal], For me, the most beautiful comment is given by gemphu1234.

  7. great work
    dear i made a blog madhuri dixit, so i,ll follow you and share your posts on my blog

  8. Terribly funny seeing this now that I know the creator of that silly Facebook group :D

  9. Juhi chawla can only do comedy well. she is a pretty woman who made some nice films but MD is a LEGEND.Need I say more?

  10. Why would anyone ever want to love MD? Ok, she is a good dancer but so were Waheeda and Asha Parekh but what about class, what about the image of women, what about grace and diginity, what about respect in the eyes of the audience?? I think only the punters who drink and pass obnoxious remarks on women would like MD...she showed the way to all the on-screen sluts, such as Maliaka, Mallika, Rakhi Sawant etc etc...Madhuri is the mother of all these...compared to her Sridevi, Meenakshi, Juhi are much much graceful and innocent!

  11. Hello, another coward from the anonymous crowd. WHY? Because Madhuri is the best in every department from acting, dancing, beauty, sensuality, innocence, personality etc.

    Biased from me? Wel booo. My blog, my article, my opinion.

  12. "Sridevi, Meenakshi, Juhi are much much graceful and innocent!"

    I give you, Meenaxi. She was the most decent actress of the nineties!!! But Sri and Juhi, really?

    I gather you consider Juhi grinding her waist vulgurly to Tu Tu Tu Tu Tu Tara from Bol Radha Bol 'graceful'? Oh, did I forget to mention that her two breasts were highlighted by multicolored hues in the song?!!! Very graceful! But, unlike you, I don't have to hate Juhi to like Madhuri. I enjoy watching Juhi too!!!!

    And wasn't Sri the one who wore a transparent sari in the rain in Kate Nahin Katthe from Mr India...and what about that other song from Laadla where she was all over Anil?! Again, I LIKE Sridevi too!

    But trust me, they all wanted to look 'as vulgur as you think Madhuri was' because they knew that she WASN'T VULGUR. They all wanted to claim a part of the mania that Madhuri so effortlessly generated with her expressiveness and movements. In fact, Sri flat out asked Saroj Khan why none of her dances were as beautifully choreographed as Madhuri's, to which Saroj Ji replied, "Because she listens to me, and you don't."

    So it does seem like even the legendary Sri wanted to dance like Madhuri!!!

    And did I mention that MD makes the vulgur look graceful? When I think of Choli Ke Peeche, I think of those playful expressions and flawless movements; when I think of Dhak Dhak, I think of her delectable eyes and sensuous smile; when I think of Humo Aaj Kal Hai, I think of her soulful movements and eternal grace.

    Whatever, ANONYMOUS, MD is the GODDESS of commercial hindi don't like it? Too bad

  13. Juhi is decent and much decent than Madhuri oh wait Madhuri is not decent at all. For that matter, i find other actress of that time decent.

    Please don't compare Juhi Chawla with Madhuri and don't put them in the same standard. It was Juhi who declined the role of Namrata Shirodkar in Vastav stating that the dialogs were vulgar. It was Juhi who gracefully turned down many movies offered to her later in her career stating that now she is kinda not fit for dancing around the was Juhi who brought fun and lightness on screen. How can you even link such an actress to vulgarity. Juhi is far far away from being vulgar.

    Madhuri Dixit is very successful undoubtedly but she at the same is a very mean and selfish person. No, I don't say it because I know her personally. I say this because after seeing her movies; especially her dances, I came to realize that she worked only for herself and for money. She bought success by bringing down the image of lead female roles in Indian cinema. Prior to her, vamps use to do provocative dances in bollywood movies but she started the trend for the leading ladies to act and dance like the vamps. The tragedy is that we can't differentiate between virtue and vice. Anything that pleases our eyes sells like hot cake in the market. This is the only reason why Madhuri was successful and this is the reason that makes me detest Madhuri Dixit.

  14. Juhi, Sridevi, Madhuri, Meenakshi, Raveena, Karishma.... they all did the same things on screen and if you say otherwise it´s nonsense. Juhi, since you specifically mentioned her, did lots of booty shaking herself, plus many kissing scenes, not to mention in one of her first films she was seen in a completely transaprent saree. I don´t hold it against her, just pointing it out since you present her as some saintly virgin. And mind you, unlike other people, I have never labeled Juhi or any actress as vulgar.

    It was not Madhuri, but Sridevi, who danced "like a vamp" as you put it on screen the frist, being the heroine. If the lack of clothes botheres you, Madhuri in Dhak Dhak was covered more than Vyjayanthimala in Amrapali. People who accuse Madhuri of all the nastiness always seem so little knowledgable about how BOllywood is and has been, or are purposefully blind. She is actually one of those who showed us you can be at ease with your sensuality - which is NORMAL and actually HEALTHY since we are all human - and NOT vulgar. I am a young woman from Europe, and I love Madhuri because I find her beautiful in what she does.

    Madhuri is successful because people liked her and her art. Because she worked with dedication. Just because you personally do not like her, it doesn´t make you someone with universal truth. It is also nonsense to label anyone as "sefish" on the base of your PERSONAL realization, which actually is largely coloured by your bias against her.

    You don´t like her. OK. that´s fine. But to idolize Juhi and detest Madhuri because of the matters of "decency" and "innocence" is unfair - and yes, biased.

  15. Seems like you (Gaja Gamini from Europe...)have a personal agenda against anyone who holds a negative image about Madhuri Dixit and to prove that Madhuri Dixit is right and correct in everything she has done or is still doing, you are ready to bring her contemporaries in the industry down. This attitude of yours my dear is unfair and biased.

    Sridevi, Juhi Chawla and Meenakshi Sheshadri have never condescended themselves to the level of Madhuri Dixit. Madhuri's USP is vulgarity. Sridevi's USP is great acting, comedy and dancing, Juhi's USP is her terrific comic timing and Meenakshi's USP was her beauty and her dancing skills. They were known for these particular things.

    But only Madhuri Dixit is known as the Dhak Dhak gal because she made vulgarity and etc etc her trademark! Here I go, most of her hits have an item number (ek, do, teen.., dhak dhak karne laga, choli ke peeche kya hain, didi tera devar deewana, piya ghar aaya, etc etc) there are so many more...her popular kissing scene with Vinod Khanna in the movie Dayavaan.

    1. All I am saying is - you don´t like Madhuri, it´s OK. But it is not OK to say biased things against her. I repeat: she did nothing "worse" than her conteporaries. Sridevi did seductive dance numbers. Juhi did kissing scenes. Karishma wore scandalous outfits. If Dhak Dhak is wrong then so is Kaante Nahin from Mr. India. If kissing in Dayavan was wrong, then so is Juhi´s kissing Aamir in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. This is not about me disagreeing, more about you having double standarts - based purely on your personal prefference to other actresses.

      You are free to dislike Madhuri, but you apparently missed the whole point of this article above. In the end it is only your perception. You think her vulgar, I do not. I find her graceful and beautiful. And there are more like you. And there are more like me.

      Madhuri is known for her dancing, acting and beauty. If being sexy and item girl was everything needed for her to make it to the topmost actress and beloved of millions Mallika Sherawat and Malaika Arora would be top heroines. They are not.

      I am not trying to convice you to star liking Madhuri. However you clearly are stubbornly biased, since you are completely unable to recognize her qualities. Continue disliking her, it´s your full right and everyone has different taste. But shed your prejudice. Hatred for stars is good for nothing.

    2. I agree with you Gaja Gamini.
      I find the "anonymous" posters double standards laughable. One could say that Sridevi's wet sari "private" dance is actually more vulgur than Madhuri's naughty gypsy dance or wedding dances.
      Plus Sridevi has also done the same exact "Dhak Dhak" dance in telugu. So that poster's logic eats itself LOL.

    3. " but she started the trend for the leading ladies to act and dance like the vamps. The tragedy is that we can't differentiate between virtue and vice"

      You sound like a really old man who still believes that women should identify themselves in society as either virtuous "sati savitri"s or fun-loving vamps. Your repressed misogyny is really off-putting.
      Believe me when I say that all these ladies (Madhuri, Juhi, Urmila, raveena, etc etc) come off as nice gals inspite of their "bold" scenes. Its just that you sound like some dinosour. They act "naughty" not "vulgar" you dumb fool!

      The thing is Indian movies evolved and got rid of a definite vamp role (like silk smita, helen). The bar was raised for sex appeal among heroines during Rekha/Zeenat era itself, why blame only Madhuri for that.

      Anu from Bangalore

  16. And I´m sorry - but it was not me, who started with the silly comparisoms of Madhuri to Juhi , Sridevi and others. If you can read, you can see perfectly it was yet another "anonymous" who did that.

  17. Again the same personal attacks. I am quoting your statements that you wrote about me "you are biased" "This is not about me disagreeing, more about you having double standarts - based purely on your personal prefference to other actresses." "you apparently missed the whole point of this article above"
    "you clearly are stubbornly biased, since you are completely unable to recognize her qualities."
    "shed your prejudice"

    To summarize, you call me biased, prejudiced, stubborn, Why do you get personal when someone tends to disgree with your point of views? I have read so many blogs but have comes across such a blogger, who herself opens a debate and then harasses the other people...

    highly uneithical!!!

    1. Let me sum it up. You appeared with words like "prostitution" and "detest" under an article that was meant to show how low and useless are haters. At the same time you praised other actres/ess/, thus deliberately putting Madhuri down. I replied, pointing out that Madhuri did what all others around were doing, plus I added it´s fine if you don´t like her. Next you write my attitude is unfair and biased (yet when I reply with the same thing to you it´s unethical) and attack me for mentioning other actresses, though again, it was you who did that first. Finally you do not have anything to say about Sridevi´s sensual dancing or Juhi´s transparent saree, which only can be called "double standarts", and clearly you do not have a reply to that, hence it´s more comfortable to accuse me of things you came up with first...


      I don´t need this. Goodbye.

  18. I used to think madhuri was just a dancing bollywood actress with limited acting skills. I was impressed by her adayeein in Hum aapke hai kaun. She embodied the character Nisha as described in that beautiful song "pehla pehla pyaar". She was a perfect tween idol in the 90s.
    I would always compare her to Manisha Koirala or Juhi and think that she was not that good as an actress. Then I saw "Lajja" and "Devdas" and I had to change my mind.
    Madhuri is the total package. She can deliver her role perfectly while killing with her dances and smiles. So her dances and smiles are the flavour and icing on the cake while the cake itself is filled with great traits like emoting without overacting or underacting, delivering her lines with perfect diction etc. So, even though I hated the screenplay of Dil to Pagal Hai, I watched the movie just for Madhuri (and Karishma). Without them, the movie would be an utter flop imho. She knows how to make her glamour and sex appeal work for the character. It takes skill.
    So, I would say that Madhuri is a well-crafted actress like Rekha or Rani Mukharjee while actresses like Manisha, Vidya Balan and Kareena have more raw talent.

    And now that she has come to limelight again, I am ever more impressed by her in interviews and reality shows. She is very spunky and charming without phoning it in.

    - Anu from Bangalore