Saturday, 14 May 2011

Madhuri´s interview for Movie magazine, 1996

You know what is curious about old Madhuri´s interviews? That you can hardly recognize any change in her. Be it interviews she gave after Tezaab or the post-Devdas ones, she always remained dignified, friendly but not over-familiar, and very much maintaining the same views on life and work in general. True, little things did change. She gained confidence. And recently also opened up much more.

I find it amusing and funny going through some old magazines and reading her answers to certain questions. I recall clearly how she complained, that everytime she leaves for holiday in America journalists link her with a NRI doctor. "Why is it always a doctor? Why not other professions as well?" she claimed. She also stated that she didn´t have hobbies beyond the ones connected with acting, and specifically mentioned she doesn´t do scuba-diving and other stuff. I´m sure she herself would smile at those interviews today, before grabbing her schnorkel and diving into the water right after her husband heart-surgeon.

As a part of The Magic of Madhuri week I bring you her interview for Movie magazine from October 1996. You shall see for yourself, that she stayed the same. Hamaari Madhuri.

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  1. Thanks for posting, loved reading it. I didn't know DTPH was originally titled 'Tevar'.